Deaf Ink

Branding & E-Commerce Website for Tattoo Artist, Gayle Sanchez.

My Roles
  • Branding
  • Identity Design
  • UI/UX
  • Front-End Development
  • Sketch
  • Shopify
The Challenge

I was tasked to build an e-commerce website for Gayle Sanchez, a very well known Tattoo Artist in the deaf community. The challenge was to create a brand identity targeting the speech impaired artist community and tattoo enthusiasts.

Getting To Work

It was time to create an identity under the brand name DeafInk, that reflects the versatility and creativity of the deaf tattoo artist. So before creating the website, my goal was to create a memorable identity for Deaf Ink using her favorite sea creature, the octopus.

I began with gathering as much information and ideas. One thing that instantly stood out was the name DeafInk combined with an octopus mascot. The octopus has 8 tentacles, these represent the different abilities and skills of the artist.

1 deafink_logo_sketch.jpg

The Octopus Mascot & Logo Design

As I learned more about Gayle Sanchez and her challenges growing up as a speech impaired artist, we decided to draw a parallel with an octopus's defense system which is the ink these animals spit out to defend themselves in the wild.

2 deafink_mascot.jpg
3 deafink_logo.jpg

The Brand Guidelines

4 deafink_moodboard.jpg
5 deafink_colors.jpg
6 deafink_typography.jpg
7 deafink_clothing_mockup.jpg

The Shopify E-Commerce Website

8 deafink_homepage.jpg